Epic 10-page EDGY Sample

"Everything you think you know about success is wrong. Set goals. Work hard. Be persistent. That's the typical success advice you can probably repeat in your sleep. The type of advice that doesn't seem to work for you -- or anyone you know, for that matter." 

You work your butt off, but at the end of the day, you're no closer to success than you were yesterday. The ugly truth is that it's not what you're doing that is holding you back. 

It's who you are. It's the baggage between your ears that keeps you from achieving your dreams and goals. That's why Dan Waldschmidt is changing the conversation about success. It's why you need to have an EDGY conversation. 

EDGY Conversations is a gut-wrenchingly honest, no-holds-barred discussion about what it takes to be successful today. It's based on the stories of 1,000 ordinary people in business, math, politics, sports and science who achieved mind-blowing feats of extraordinary greatness. 

EDGY is how ordinary people become extraordinary. 

EDGY is how a master chef, a World War II veteran, a 15-year-old girl, a homeless retired paramedic, an Australian potato farmer, and a shoe executive became amazing, did the unthinkable, and forever changed their corner of the world. 

And EDGY is how you can achieve outrageous success, regardless of who or where you are in life right now. 

You don't need another book on success. You just need to be more EDGY. 

Let's talk about it.

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